Monday, November 12, 2007

Your first Concert - Justin Roberts

November 12, 2007
We had such a great weekend. On Friday of course, we went to Gringos but Joyce & Hailey, and Allison, Megan and Lane joined us. You and Megan and Lane were cute after dinner playing and looking at the water and stuff. Then on Saturday, You, your mom, me and Jack went to the Woodlands to the Children’s Festival. We had a good time. You guys got lots of stuff and got to spin prize wheels, make craft projects and you went to your first concert – Justin Roberts. You and Jack would dance and do all the arm things Justin Roberts would ask. It was fun. You have been having a little trouble with your attitude at home and at school. So Mom asked Br. Bill Thomas to speak with you guys. After the meeting on Sunday, you all went into the Library and talked about having a good attitude and how happy that would make Jehovah and you need to listen to your Mom. It went very well. Hopefully it will help some. Your Mom is in Atlanta on a business trip and so we always say that we make a good team while your mom is gone. I know it is hard for you because you have to get up a little earlier and stay at school longer but you are a trouper. I love you so much. Whenever we watch a football game you always want to get your football and throw it around. You are pretty good throwing it – you have a little more trouble catching. You are quit the sports fanatic – just any sport and you will watch and try to imitate. It is cute and we are thankful for that. On Sunday afternoon, I went to the movie with Nada and I gave you a kiss before I left (you were not down for your nap yet) and you were so concerned that I needed to be back before you woke up and I was.

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