Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Are we staying at the fancy Marriott?

December 19, 2007
I have gotten behind – so just a short synopsis. We went to Sea World over Thanksgiving and had a blast. It was really cold and you were tall enough to ride a water ride – the log ride and you loved it and we rode it 3 times in a row. Your Mom was soaked at the end but we had so much fun. We stayed at the Marriott with the courtyard and the peacocks and you kept calling it the fancy Marriott. We thought that was cute. Also, right now you say “No Ploblem” – when you mean no problem – you have a pretty laid back attitude. You still love football and play all the time but you are always getting tackled and break your leg. Lane Sutton just hurt his hip and was on crutches and you call them crunches. Since it is so cute we don’t correct you. Yesterday at school you had a pajama party and wore your pajamas to school. You just couldn’t figure out why you would wear your pajamas on the playground. You just tell us you love us all the time and it is so nice to hear. You are having a little trouble with the holidays this year. This is the first year you have understood them some. So last night when we went to Allison’s, you asked us if they celebrate Christmas. You will get the swing of it. Your Nana and Papa are coming down this week for their winter visit. You love their visit and they do also. Today, they had their Christmas party at school so Mom kept you home. You are having lunch with Sara, Samuel and Linda at James Coney Island and going to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. Skylar Scheffer is coming to the movie also. You had your first kid party at jumpin jacks. It was so much fun. You wanted to have a Nascar theme. About 15 kids came and then we had cake and did crafts. This Saturday we are going to a Hockey game, we are also taking Megan, Lane and Jack. Hopefully Nana and Papa will come too. Jack might spend the night.

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