Sunday, May 17, 2009

I need a barn!

We went to a really cool place with an indoor water park this weekend (I'll try to get some pictures up soon). On the way home, we stopped for dinner at a place that had a cute little gift shop.

As if he hadn't been spoiled enough all weekend long, Henry talked Leslie into getting him a stick pony. After much discussion, he settled on naming him Buster Brown.

After we got back into the van, he needed to have Buster Brown close to him. After a few minutes on the road, I hear "Mom, I need a barn for my horse."

After suggesting several closets that could be used as a barn, he still wasn't happy with the answer. Finally, he decided that a shed would make a fine barn for Buster Brown. I reminded him that we did not have a shed. To which he responded "but you could buy him one!". Uh, no, but thanks for playing along.


  1. I could use a barn. I've been at Mom's for nearly a week know, and I keep opening EMPTY drawer in her kitchen. I mean big, deep ones. I am so jealous and can identify with Buster Brown needing a barn. But, under the circumstances, maybe Henry cold build him a barn from an old refrigerator box, perhaps.