Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June...where are you?

Wow, can it really be the 9th already?

Okay, I knew June was going to be very busy going in. But now that I am in the midst of it, I had no idea.

I probably won't get a whole lot of opportunity to post. And here is all of the things that are going on:

Last weekend, we had our Special Assembly Day on Sunday. Now, this would normally be a great photo op of the little boy. But, alas, he didn't even get to go.

My parents are (were) in town to help/participate in the activities that we had planned. However, due to happenstance, there was an unanticipated death in the extended family. This required them to travel back to the Chicago area.

As things would work out, I was (am) scheduled to participate in a "girls only" trip to the House of Mouse (Disney World)later this week. Henry was to stay home with my parents. After a mad scramble and an attempt to find reasonably priced airfare, it was finally determined that my parents would leave the next morning (Sunday) and travel by car. After examining all possible scenarios, I decided to let Henry travel with my parents back to Chicago. They fully anticipate to return to Houston the same day I return from my vacation. But it means 3 extra days of separation between me and my Henry.

I'm happy to report that they made it back to Illinois safe and sound. Henry is so busy hangin' with his cousins that he can barely carve out a minute or two to talk to me when I call.

When we each get home from our respective trips, a few days later, we will attend our District Convention. It seems like it has totally snuck up on me. I haven't even thought about what either of us will wear yet. But, after we get home, I'll have 4 whole days to figure that out, make sure they are clean and pressed, and start backing the bookbags and lunchbox.

The week after the DC, Henry is scheduled to attend Zoo Camp. He did this last summer and really enjoyed it. However, it does mean a drive downtown to the zoo each morning and afternoon. Fortunately, Nana and Papa are here this year to help out.

Next, we have an Astros game...no biggie, just a Saturday evening event. But nonetheless, something that we must plan around.

Then, during the last week of June/first days of July, it'll be a hectic time as I attempt to pack a month's worth of supplies for both Henry and I as we prepare for our second annual "Chicago in July" event. It went so well last year, that Henry and I will again be spending the majority of the month of July visiting in Chicago (well, Henry will be visiting, I'll actually be working from our Wheeling office).

So, you can see that we have quite a busy month of activities. I'll try to post when I can, but please bear with me when I don't.


  1. Have fun on your "girls only" trip; enjoy your DC...you won't be disappointed...I swear it's the best one I've EVER attended. And let me know when you'd like to come to dinner. I promise I'll play it up on my blog :-).

    k homemaker

  2. i'm exhausted just reading about your month! have fun in disney with the girls.