Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"My Mom"

Henry recently brought home a little book that he made for me and about me at school.  It is so endearing and insightful to his thoughts about me.  I'll share the content with you, but rest assured that the actual book contains many things that needed to be read and interpreted for me.  We're really going to try and focus on handwriting and spelling over the summer!

Also, each page is decorated with "lovely" pictures of me, us, our house, and us playing football.

"My mom was born in IL. Now my mom sits at a computer. My mom loves me. My mom's hair is brown and gray. She is fun and the boss of the house."

"My mom's job is to clean the house and help me. She is sweet and cool. She is pretty. She has 2 jobs. She reads nice, she has nice shoes, nice clothes, nice attitude and nice love. I love mom."

"My mom's favorite thing is snuggling with me, and reading and kissing me and being loving. I like it, too. And my mom loves my family and loves her family. Her favorite movie is Survivor and Iron Man. She loves me."

"In bed, she lets me play on the computer. She loves me and I love her and I love the earth and take care of my mom and everywhere around. I like that."

"My mom loves everything about me and my family and the earth. When I am sad, she helps me and my family and the earth and my tree. I love my mom and my trees and the earth."

I think they worked on each of the worksheets on different days. You can see that this project overlapped a little bit with earth day and arbor day, with all the earth-loving and tree-loving.

I love how much he knows he is loved. I love that he thinks I am the boss of the house. I hate that he knows my hair is gray. I love that he knows my favorite things involve loving him. My favorite movie is NOT Iron Man, but I did go to see it during this project, so it made it into the story.

I'm glad that he mentioned all the ways that I am nice and comforting to him, and that the book wasn't about me yelling at him.

This is definitely something to treasure (and something to bring out and embarrass him with when he brings home his first girlfriend!).


  1. What a wonderful little guy you have! Are you going to write him a book, too?

  2. i got all choked up reading this. i read it out loud to allen, and he said, "aww what a sweet story." and he's right. it's sweet and wonderful, and a testament to what a good mom you are.


  3. Oh, my! How sweet is that!?! He sure knows he is loved. You have permanent proof, in his own handwriting, that you are the boss and a loving one, at that. You can't beat it, can you? He's a fan club of ONE, but, who could ask for more? It's all you need. :)