Monday, December 14, 2009

Buzz...and I don't mean Lightyear

For those that may not be aware, my father is starting his first round of chemo tomorrow to combat the prostate cancer he has been battling for years. He's doing great, but there are signs that the cancer has kicked up a notch, so a round of chemo has been recommended.

I sat with the research nurse as she explained all of the side effects of the drug to my parents. One of the things she told them to expect was that his hair would fall out approximately 14 days after the first dose of chemo.

My dad still has a decent head of hair in a beautiful shade of gray. While it has thinned a bit over the years, its still fairly full. I imagine it might be difficult for both of them to watch this fall out in clumps. So, after a bit of discussion, it was decided to go ahead and get a buzz cut to make the whole process a bit easier to cope with in the next few weeks.

Henry decided that in support of Papa, he too, would get a buzz cut. So, they decided to set off today to accomplish this (only to find out that most barbers are closed on Mondays). Alas, they found a place where they could get their hairs cut.

Here they are:

The before shot....

Henry is done, and is reassuring Papa that it will be painless

A little bit of brown, a little bit of gray

And the final result...look Ma, no hair!

They both seem to like their new haircuts. I'm proud of Henry for being willing to step up and do this to support his Papa. In turn, what might have been emotionally difficult ended up being a fun, family event.


  1. What a great thing for them to do together, even if it's for a sucky reason! I hope your father fairs well.

  2. Go Henry and go Papa and please cancer go away!


  3. henry's thoughtfulness and support brings tears to my eyes. i pray for a speedy recovery for your dad, and i hope my little boy will be as sweet as yours.


  4. Way to go Henry and Papa! They both look great! I may buzz my boys heads, so much easier and seeing how adorable your guys are...hmmm? :-)