Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Ending...

It tickles me to see the way that Henry's brain works.

This morning, on our way to school, I was griping about the car that cut in front of me right before the light. Since I was hoping to turn right on red, I wasn't too happy this car cut over since he was going straight and kept me from turning until the light actually turned green. Then, immediately after we turned right, we have to make a left turn across three lanes of oncoming traffic onto the street his school is on with no light. My griping was "tame" in nature, but Henry decided I needed encouragement to have a better attitude about it. Here is the conversation that ensued:

H: Mom, you could have turned right on red.
M: Yes, I know. But this guy pulled in front of me and he is going straight.
H: But that's okay if he wants to go straight.
M: Yes, but now I can't turn until the light turns green. And now I have to wait for all of this traffic.
H: But Mom, see right up there? There is a clear spot and you will be able to cross there.
M: You're right. I will wait for that clear spot and then turn, just to make sure we're safe.
H: See Mom, Happy Ending. Just like in the stories, Happy Ending.
M: Do the stories all have happy endings?
H: Yes, the princess gets married, or they have a baby, and then, that's it: Happy Ending.
M: So getting married or having a baby is a happy ending? Just like when you came into my life, happy ending?
H: Yes, and just like in Robin Hood. Robin Hood and his wife (because I don't remember her name, so I'll just call her "his wife" {and this is exactly quoting Henry}) got married at the end of the movie. And then they had a baby. And they named the baby Henry. And that's me. Happy Ending!

Okay, I have no idea where the Robin Hood connection came from. He hasn't watched Robin Hood in months. But it was interesting to see his concept of happy endings.


  1. I think he has the perfect concept of Happy Ending. Of course, if you don't want to be married, then not getting married is the Happy Ending, too. And if you don't want children, then....well you get the point. Happy Endings are really what we want them to be, eh?

  2. Adorable! You seem to have successfully communicated to Henry (perhaps even indirectly) that his coming into your life was a happy ending/new beginning. What a sweetie pie he is! Thanks for sharing this little story!

  3. That boy is such a kick! Every day is a new adventure with Henry, isn't it? Thanks for sharing. He's a sweet boy. :)

  4. love love love that story. what a sweet boy.