Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Flashback

These pictures was taken while we were still in Russia. They were the only two that I sent before I arrived home. During the adoption process, I was warned to keep quiet about the details of my adoption as nothing was final until 10 business days after court. Afraid to rock any boats, I did my best to keep the most exciting news of my life at a low-key level. My friends and family were dying to see my son, so I sent these two pictures. The first demonstrates how happy he was, even if there was a bit of a devious look in his eyes. And the second showed what a good sleeper he was. He took these two items to bed with him every night...his Vladdy (the monkey) and his photo album. Most times, after he had fallen asleep for either bedtime or naptime, I would fine one or both of these items under his head. He still uses Vladdy as a pillow on most nights, even today.


  1. Vladdy certainly make a nice pillow. What a charming little boy.


  2. what a sweet sweet boy. i love your friday flashbacks :)