Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One more day at home.

I decided to keep the boy home one more day. Overall, he was fever-free yesterday (although he was up to 100 at bedtime). But he is still coughing badly and has no appetite. That's just NOT normal for him. I thought the day at school might just be too much for him to handle.

So he is nicely ensconced in my bed, eating Apple Jacks, and watching Donald Duck's "A Duck Tale". He's happy as a clam.


  1. I would have sworn that I commented yesterday when I first heard that Henry was sick, but on further review, it seems I only wrote the comment, but was unsuccessful in posting it. Thrust is--I like tomato soup and grilled cheese when I'm sick. Maybe Henry will like it too.

    Feel better little man.


  2. i hate it when they're just not themselves :( it hurts my heart. hope he's back to himself soon.