Monday, January 26, 2009

So we went to the doctor...

And came home with a prescription for 'tamiflu'. The doctor isn't absolutely sure he has the flu since they were out of the test strips that they use to confirm. Seems everyone and their brother has the flu, so the test strips are in short supply. But based on my description of the symptoms, she felt this was the best course of action.

I must say that the boy that spent the day with me today is completely different than the boy that laid in bed and watched TV all day yesterday. When we got home from the doctor, he asked "can I go outside and play?" Music to my ears...."of course, sweetheart!"

He's been fever-free all day, so unless something happens tonight, he's got the green light to return to school tomorrow. Yippee.

Thanks for everyone's well wishes.

Oh, and he was disappointed that he never got around to watching Episode III. I turned the TV off before lunch and it hasn't been on since. (I'm still not convinced that I am ready for him to watch Episode III, as my B-I-L reminded me that it is the most graphic of them all. Perhaps I can talk him into starting over with IV again...)

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  1. I am glad that he is on the better side of this illness...I think we are coming down with something...not sure what....

    I suggest that you wait for the III we are with Spencer and he is 7.5...I think it is a lot of darkness...maybe this summer he will get to watch it. Too much darkness for their minds so young. Though Spencer is chomping at the it to watch it. He still asks and has been asking for over a year!!