Thursday, August 2, 2007

The new adventures of Old Henry

August 2, 2007

Sweet Henry, my friend Allison Sutton, mentioned that I should keep a journal for you. So as I think of things over the last 4 years or as they happen, I will write them down. You are about to turn 4 on Monday. It has been a miraculous journey watching you grow up. Just recently, you really started looking like a little boy not like a baby anymore. You are very handsome and charismatic. No matter where we take you people are drawn to you even if they have their own children.

It was in Feb, 2004 that your Mom decided she really wanted to be a Mom. Somewhere, there was a baby for her. We went to Dallas so she could attend a seminar held by EAC (European Adoption ). She liked what she heard and started doing a LOT more research on agencies etc. She started her paperwork and we started to discuss what all needed to happen when you arrived. On Feb 14th, we were at dinner with Aunt Nada and your Mom told her she was adopting a baby. Aunt Nada was so excited and supportive. She wanted to help however she could. I found these really cute shirts and mugs that had a map of Russia with an arrow that said “Baby here” and I bought them for your Mom. When we went out to tell Courtney & John and Grandma and Grandpa Winslow she wore her shirt to tell them. They were all so excited and Jack was only 7 months old…little did we know that you were too.

I don’t remember much about her telling the rest of your family. She will have to tell you that. But I know they were all real supportive and excited also. They knew your Mom would be a great Mom.

We both had to have background checks and get fingerprinted. Your mom had to have a home study and the house and dogs had to be checked out to make sure everything was safe and ready for you. You deserved a great place – and they had found it.

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