Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I want to Hold You

August 8, 2007
A couple of really cute things that you say right now are: If you want to be picked up or carried – you say “I want to hold you” It is really precious and of course who could resist that. Also, you love delivery trucks, UPS, FedEx, and the mailman. You call UPS “P-U-S” and right now you tell us when you grow up you are going to be a pilot for a FedEx airplane.

Back to your adoption: Finally, everything is finalized in Russia and you get to come home. You fly from Vlad to Seoul, Korea then to Los Angeles, CA (Nana flies to Chicago from there ) and you fly to Houston. During the flight you get sick and throw up on everything and on Mom. (you always talk about throwing up – it is funny or you will say “I didn’t throw up” you are kind of fascinated by vomiting) They said you were such a good boy on the flight. I pick you up at the airport and this is the first time I meet you. You have been traveling for more than 24 hours and you are still so precious and excited about everything. You want to show me the baggage claim carousel right away. We bring you home and you do fine with you first time in a car seat. The first week you have jet lag but every night gets easier and easier and within 1 week you are adjusted to our Texas time. You come home on November 21st a Saturday. The very next day everyone comes over to meet you and we have your first party. The Suttons, The Noltys, The Winslows, The Legas, The Saouds, and the Dancers all come over – you got presents and everyone thought you were adorable – YOU WERE! You start settling in to your life here much easier than your Mom thought you were. For about a month or so you are afraid to take a bath but we work with you and get you toys and now you love it completely and we can’t get you out. In December, Mom takes you to Chicago so you can meet all your relatives. You have a party while you are up there also however, you got RSV while you were there and you were in the hospital for about 7 days. You went by ambulance – you were a sick little baby and we were all worried. I hated that I couldn’t be there but you were in good hands and your mom never left the hospital the whole time.
In Jan, you, your mom, your Nana and Papa and I go on a Carnival cruise. You loved it. We had a good time. In Cozumel, we went to a beach called Natchi Co Com and it was just a spectacular day – we have some really cute pictures of you there.
You went to your first meeting at the Kingdom Hall, your first Memorial, your first District and Circuit assemblies. You immediately were a good boy and got the routine. Everyone at the hall loves you. You are the “Kingdom Hall Baby” right away. Right now Elton Brown always gives you a piece of candy so he is your favorite and you share a birthday – Elton and his boys love you.
Every September, Nada, your Mom and I rent a beach house at Surfside. You absolutely love it and you settle in to this routine with us also. We are so glad you love the things we love so much. You love to find the moon at night and during the day. You always tell us how good food smells and how pretty things are. You are very dramatic – I think I have rubbed off on you.

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