Saturday, August 4, 2007

Weekend Recap

Monday, August 6, 2007
You are 4 – we are going to Chuck E Cheese tonight. That is what you picked. You did not get to go to Jacks – he was very sick and running a fever. So on Friday night we ate at Potbellys and went to a comets game and you caught a t-shirt for a new Football team. You love getting these t-shirts and you ended up wearing it to bed. Saturday, you, me, your mom, Aunt Nada and Jane Red went for dinner at Correllis. You had to have cannoli because Curious George had some in a show you watched. You liked it OK. Then on Sunday we went and you and mom had pictures taken at Oyster Creek park and in front of the City Hall in Sugar Land. You rode your bike with the training wheels and really for the first time you seemed to get the concept of pedaling. You are really proud of yourself for figuring it out. I am proud of you also. On Saturday, we took a nap together – you like to “spend the night” with someone and on the weekends we will let you every now and then. You are fascinated by the brands of cars right now and want to know what all the logos mean. You are so funny you can identify a Ford, a Toyota (that is actually what started it – the Comets play at Toyota center and you started recognizing the logo – it was really amazing because we never talked about it; you just recognized it), Lexus, Honda, Chrysler. We are trying to teach you Mitsubishi but it is hard for you to say. So last night you saw one and you told your Mom – lets talk about that one later. You are 39.5 inches tall and weigh 33.5 pounds.

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