Friday, August 24, 2007

We will always be friends

August 24, 2007
Your Mom reminded me of something that happened your very first night in Texas. On the way home from the airport we were trying to keep you awake until you could sleep in your own bed. We couldn’t think of anything and for some reason your mom started humming the theme from “Batman” which of course you had never seen or heard and you just giggled – you thought that was soooo funny. She hummed it over and over.
Then last night at the meeting during the song, you were being very affectionate and told me “We will always be friends” – I sure hope so.
Yesterday and today, you have stayed with Jack and Courtney because Sugar Mill is closed for inservice. You guys have had fun playing and Courtney says everything is a race to you guys – who can get dressed fastest, who gets to go first on everything – she took you to a bounce house and you guys kept wanting to compete on who could go up first – she said you couldn’t even enjoying sliding because you were to worried about being first. Also, there is a really tall slide and Courtney says you hold your nose like you are going underwater when you come down. Really cute.

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