Monday, August 13, 2007

I slept like a cucumber

August 13,2007
So we went to San Antonio for the weekend. We went to the splash park at Sea World and to a Comets game (vs. San Antonio of course) we had a good time and you really said a couple of funny cute things. So we get to the hotel very late on Friday night. You had fallen asleep in the car but wake up some when we get to our room. We had a 2 bed/2bath suite. You are so excited because every room has a TV (so we had 3 TVs). On Saturday night you slept with me and when you woke up Sunday morning, you point to the TV and say “Turn that on” I thought that was funny. Then your mom comes in and says “I slept like a rock” and you say “I slept like a cucumber”…we just laughed and laughed. I can really see you growing up. On Saturday at the water park, we are in this kiddie pool that has a small water slide and we are letting you float around by yourself. Next thing we know you are making a beeline towards something. So I go over to where you are and ask you where you are going. You point to the water slide and say “how do I get to that”. I thought that was so grown up. You saw something you wanted to do and you just started working your way over to it. So you and I went down together and then you went down by yourself. You really enjoyed it. I think you are going to like roller coasters and stuff.

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