Friday, December 12, 2008

Henry-isms...the funny things he says (Part II)

  • Mom, your fire is looking pathetic! (I had called it pathetic first. He demanded a definition of the word, and managed to work it into his vocabulary within the hour.)
  • Mom, we are playing acred secret. Is that okay? (Acred Secret = Secret Agent)
  • Mom, I'm a kitty. No, wait, I'm a baby beluga. No, wait, I'm a baby sea lion. No, wait, I'm a puppy. No, wait, I'm a baby squirrel. No, wait, I'm a chipmunk (Theodore). No, wait, I'm a.....(The boy changes identities so often I can't keep up with what animal he is currently pretending to be.)
  • Mommy, this picture wasn't for Monica. (What he meant was that the picture wasn't related to Hannukah.)
  • Mommy, are there little people inside the radio singing to us?
  • Mommy, why do our top teeth not move, but our bottom teeth do? (I had no idea how to answer this, so I made some comment about the need to have a skeleton to answer that question for him. So he followed up his already funny question with another: Can we have a meeting with a scientist so I can ask him?)

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