Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I am the UPS

On Wednesday, I had an unusually early conference call that I had to take while Henry was still home. I had prepped him for the fact that he needed to stay quiet and occupy himself while I was on this 30 minute call, and left him eating his breakfast.

When he was finished, he followed me upstairs and did a great job of occupying himself. When he was done, he presented me with this note:

Now, this may look like a lot of scribble scrabble to you (as it first did to me). But I asked Henry to read me his note. He knew exactly what it said. Here is a video of him reading the note to me.

And for those that may have difficulty understanding what he says, here is a transcript: "I am UPS and I deliver packages only on the earth. Thank you for the bubble gum. Henry, the UPS."

If you look at the note quite carefully, you can almost see where it does attempt to say exactly what Henry says it does.

After going through all of this, he brought me a sheriff's badge he had dug out of his dress up play stuff. He held it to his chest and declared "There is a new UPS in town, and that's ME!" I'm not sure where he comes up with this stuff, but he totally cracks me up.

He has long held a fascination with UPS and even has a few toy UPS trucks. And this reminded me that it wasn't too long ago that instead of calling it UPS, he liked to call it the PUS.


  1. quite possibly the best post ever. he is the flippin' cutest thing in the world (second to Allen, of course). missing you both horribly!!!


  2. We have a friend who drives for UPS. He calls FedEX the "help." We think that's pretty funny. I however think that Henry's early goals to be affiliated with UPS is even funnier. I hear it's not a bad place to work.