Friday, November 14, 2008

Put this in the blog, Mom!

How scary is it that Henry is now setting up scenarios and deciding what is blog-worthy?

So this morning, he is getting dressed for school. He already had gotten his clothes out and laid them out on the ground. I went back to my room for something and when I came back to check on him, he was giggling to himself.

He was in the process of putting on his underwear and jumped up. He had both his socks half on, and his underwear half on and thought he was hysterical looking: "Look Mama, put this in the blog! Aren't I funny?"

I have one more that I wish I had a picture to post. Henry recently used his allowance money (along with a gift card he received from Auntie Margot) to purchase a race track. It's really cool cuz the cars are remote controlled. They also have sensors in them so that they can avoid hitting obstacles that you put in their way...they automatically swerve around them. Anyway, he had gotten all of his matchbox cars and lined them up on the race track. They were about six cars wide and 10 cars deep once they were all in place. Henry brought me to them, pointed at them and said "All this traffic is giving me a headache!" Indeed!

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