Monday, August 11, 2008

Can you see what I see?

One of Henry's new favorite ways to pass time in the car is to look at the clouds and see if they look like anything to him. I have recently had my camera with me and been able to snap pictures of the clouds he was looking at. Now look closely...what do you see?

In this one, Henry saw a turtle with his mouth open. The head is there on the left, and his mouth is indeed open. In this case, I really was able to see what he saw.

Now to be fair, it took me a bit to get this picture and you know how quickly a cloud shifts. When he first pointed this out to me, it did look like what he told me, but by the time the picture was taken, the cloud had shifted a bit. This one was described as an alligator laying on his back. The part on the left is his snout, kind of sticking up in the air. The part to the right is his body. And he is, indeed, upside down (and has kind of a big head!).

There have been plenty of other clouds Henry has pointed out to me that I had no vision of what he claimed he saw. But these two, I saw it the same as him. I'm not sure how this little past time got started, but I am thrilled that he has the creativity and imagination to look at clouds and see something that isn't really there, even if we have to squint or look upside down to "see" it.

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