Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lunch with my boy...Gustav threatens our beach weekend

Earlier in the week, I asked Henry if I could join him for lunch one day this week. His response? "Hmmm, well, it's my school, so it's my decision. Let me think about it Mommy". Alrighty, then.

So on Friday, I asked him again if I could meet him for lunch. He thought for a few seconds, and replied "I guess that would be okay."

When I arrived at the school, he was at his little table. He'd already set a place for me, complete with a placemat and napkin. He'd already gotten all of his lunch items out of his lunch bag and placed them on his own placemat. He's also already put his lunch bag under his seat. He was seated nicely while the rest of the kids to finish their lunch preparations.

Soon, it was time to start. Everyone had to show their "ready fingers". This means that one finger goes in front of their mouth (like saying sh) and the first finger on the other hand goes in the air (pointing up). So we both showed our ready fingers and the kids sang their little pre-lunchtime song. And then we could start eating.

I had stopped and picked up Burger King. I was so proud of Henry as he picked up his sandwich and ate all of it, before moving to his cucumbers and apple. I wouldn't believe that a room full of 3-6 year olds could sit so calmly and eat the lunch that their parents has so lovingly made for them. I know that I make that lunch for his lunchbox every day and then always wonder what actually happens to it at lunch time. How much gets eaten, how much gets thrown away? Now I have a better sense.

All in all, lunch was wonderful and Henry was quite snuggly with me before I had to leave. He wasn't upset that I had to leave and he had to different than my attempts to have lunch with him even last year. My baby is growing up and becoming independent.

Now, on to Gustav. We are enjoying our favorite beach weekend in Surfside. Gustav is in the gulf. I hate how much time we have to spend watching and monitoring the projected path of this hurricane. But so far, it looks like it won't impact our plans.

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