Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A running history of August 6

Okay, I don't have pictures from every August 6, but pretty close. Here is the very first picture of received of Henry. It was taken the day after he turned 1 year old:

This picture was taken the day Henry turned 2. We had gone to the circus the day before and this hat came with his cotton candy. I'm not sure why he has such a serious expression, but this is one of my all-time favorite pictures of him.

This picture was actually taken a day after Henry's third birthday. We spent his birthday at Allegra's baby shower and I have a fabulous picture of him on that day, but its not electronic. This photo was taken of him on the airplane on our way home from Philadelphia. He still loves to travel by plane.

This is one of the "official" 4-
year-old pictures. I arranged a "shoot" with a professional photographer. He did an excellent job capturing Henry's personality and I treasure this collection of pictures so much. Wanna know what book he is reading? Well, Curious George, of course!

Here is Henry from today telling the world that he is 5!

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