Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day Two - Labor Day Beach Trip 2008

Before I start in with the recap of today, I must mention something that was overlooked in yesterday's recap. Breakfast. I gave props to Nada's dinner, and it was very yummy indeed. And the best part is that there were leftovers. But breakfast was worth mentioning, as well. Leslie prepared her mexican egg casserole. I'm sure it has a fancy name, but I simply call it yummy. And again, the best part is that there is leftovers. History has shown that this yummy, mexican egg casserole is even better the second time around. So it will serve as breakfast again tomorrow.

After we finished dinner yesterday, we set up for a game of Sorry. Henry won, of course. And I don't say "of course" because we let him win. We all learned early on, you don't need to give the boy any leeway. He has a knack at games. And he roundly beat us all without any of us helping him along.

We wrapped up the night with Henry falling asleep to "The Sound of Music" and the ladies watching "Emma" until it was time to watch the latest Gustav update. We went to bed feeling pretty confident that we were not making the stupidist decision of our lives.

This morning, I was on kitchen duty. I decided to try and repeat the yummy breakfast we had when we visit San Antonio a few weeks ago. I had copied the recipe and everyone was game to try something new with me. Well, it turned out great if I do say so myself. It is a sort of french toast. You dip cinnamon raisin bread in pancake batter and pan fry it. Then is is served with toasted pecans, banana slices, and syrup. (I know that I mentioned yesterday that we use the same menu on every trip, but since we added one more day, we had to add this one additional meal. Lunch is always sandwiches and leftovers, so it can easily be extended a day. And we decided to actually venture out for dinner one evening to make up the extra dinner meal.)

Another great day was spent at the beach. We had just the tiniest bit of overcast-ness in the late afternoon. It helped cool things off. Several visits were made to the ice cream truck as it went by.

Henry spent a good amount of time on his boogie board. He has a little one and a bigger one. The little one, he has totally mastered on his own and will spend long stretches of time on his own surfing in the waves close to shore. The bigger one must still be used in the company of an adult and he and Leslie spent time playing with it this morning. Leslie also ventured off on her own with the bigger boogie board and seemed to enjoy surfing the waves with it.

After lunch, Henry decided to spend his 30-minute quiet time in the hammock. Yesterday, he did his time in his little pop tent. After swaying for about 20 minutes, he actually fell asleep. I let him sleep for about and hour. During this time, the tide came in and we actually had to push our "camp" back about 10 feet. We left Henry where he was, so he woke up on his own little "island".

Recapping our favorite things for today:
  • Nada: Sitting, relaxing and reading. Also, she enjoyed a dreamcicle...something she said she hasn't done since high school (although she won't admit how many years ago that was)
  • Paula: Reading and listening to my iPod, while Leslie and Henry surfed; and watching Henry surf with his little surf board on his own
  • Leslie: Building a sand castle estate, complete with two towers and a tunnel, and hearing what Henry's favorite thing was
  • Henry: Relaxing in Leslie's arms when they swam in the morning; eating his snowcone, and eating the bubble gum that was hidden at the bottom of his snowcone.
Tonight, we are actually going out to eat. For some reason, we've never done that on our beach weekends. It's nice to think that no one needs to cook tonight and no one needs to do dishes. After we get home, Henry will probably whoop us at Uno.

Well, that's it for now. Stay tuned for the next update.

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