Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Did I forget anything?

So I have a business trip this week. I was packing this morning while Henry was watching his usual TV before school. I was multi-tasking by packing and getting ready for the day at the same time. It kind of helped that after I used something, I put it in the suitcase...a great thing for my toiletries as I always seem to forget something.

Anyway, after I am done, I jokingly asked Henry if he thought I had forgotten anything. He thought for a moment and then ran from the room. He came back with one of his favorite stuffed animals (Maui, the beluga whale). He tells me I can borrow it to take with me on my trip. He also drew me a picture with the instructions to put it on the wall of my hotel room, but to not forget to take it down when I left.

How sweet is that???


  1. Awww that's cute! Liam is always giving me toys or precious items to take to work with me. It makes me smile to look down at it on my desk, even if my co-workers think I'm weird!

  2. I though Henry was going to climb in and tell you that you forgot him. One of my bookstudy kids colored a picture for me that's up on my fridge. I can't wait to get Allen's pictures in the mail.