Sunday, September 14, 2008

Still no power

Quote from the Houston Chronicle: CenterPoint Energy said 262,000 customers had electricity as of 1 p.m. Sunday. Of the 2.26 million CenterPoint Energy customers, 1.84 million customers, or 81 percent, are still without power, according to the company.

Yep, we are in the 81 percent that still doesn't have power. The water pressure has come back up, but now more than ever, I think the water must be boiled before it can be used.

We've decided to say with Leslie's parents tonight, just because it is too hot and humid to think about staying in the house again.

The food in the fridge and freezer is starting to stink, so we'll have to take care of that tomorrow by the light of day.

Driving around, it is amazing to see the devastation in all the areas where we go every day. There are trees down, there are brick signs and billboards all over the place. Electric poles are just snapped in half. Stop lights are hanging in the path of cars or laying on the side of the road. Walls are missing, roofs are stripped down to the wood.

Some of the businesses are starting to reopen, some on a limited basis. One grocery store was running on generator power. They were working on a cash only basis, and were limiting the number of folks that were allowed in the store at a time. Some of the fast food restaurants have opened their drive thru's only. The lines are so long they are hanging out into the roadways. Same thing for gas stations.

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