Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our deepest gratitude....

Wow, it's still a weird feeling to flip a light switch and see a light actually turn on. But I'm sure we'll adjust quite quickly and it will no longer be a novelty.

I wanted to take a moment and send out some kudos.

First and foremost, a huge thank you to Leslie's parents who let us come and stay. We descended upon them with a bunch of stuff and a dog. They let us come in and totally make ourselves at home. It was wonderful to have a place to sleep, watch TV, and just be.

Also, big thanks go out to Courtney, John and Jack. They also opened their house to us when we needed a few hours of respite. They kept Henry (and entertained him) on a day where we had a lot of clean up work to do. He truly enjoyed himself and was so disappointed when he learned that his school had reopened and he wouldn't get to do it again.

Special thanks to his school, that disregarded it's own policy of following the local school district's policy on school closings. If they had followed it, they wouldn't have opened until next Monday. But because they could, they felt it was important to go ahead and reopen so that the children could get back to their routines and the parents could take care of necessary things or go back to work.

We really appreciate the kindness of our neighbors. It's times like this that bring people together. It was a real treat to return home after an outing to find that the debris from our front yard had already been gathered into a pile in front of our house. It was a real celebration when the power finally went on and the text messages and phone calls started flying between the neighbors to share the news with those that weren't home at the moment.

The congregation has been wonderful in checking in and offering assistance. It's reassuring to know that there is someone out there looking out for you, and a whole congregation of folks at the ready to help if needed.

Thanks to all of the folks that work in public service and have helped things get back to "normal". We know that the guys from the electrical company were working 16 hour shifts and I'm sure the police and other workers are stretched to the max. We appreciate their efforts to restore the power, phones, etc., and for keeping us safe in these troubled times.

And, oh my, thank you to all of our friends and family across the nation. We've heard from everyone via comments here on the blog, voicemails, emails, text messages. It is so great to know that we have such a wonderful network of friends and family that we can count on. We appreciate the moral support and the encouragement you've given us throughout this ordeal.

And finally, we thank Jehovah God that we are all safe. While this has been a bit emotional and very inconvenient, we are so grateful that we are alive, that overall our house is unscathed, and that in the end, we will not have suffered any "loss" from this.

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