Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's the middle of the night...

Okay, not really. It's 4:30. Our power went off around midnight. We've been trying to sleep, but it's come in fits and starts. Fortunately, Henry has slept through it. It's raining and the wind it howling steadily.

We've gotten a few text's from friends and family. Leslie's sister is at the hospital where her husband works. She says that she doesn't hear the weather at all and wanted to know what we knew.

Nada texted that their house is shaking from the wind and part of their fence has already blown down.

Leslie and I peeked out the windows in the front and the back. We're glad to see that so far, the tree in the front and the crepe myrtle in the back are still standing. We don't see any damage to the fence or my car.

Things seem to be holding up fine, it's just gotten very stuffy in the house with the electricity being off this long.

We're going to head back to bed to see if we can catch a few more zzzz's before this thing is over. We've both got sinus headaches...hmmm, I wonder why.

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