Friday, September 12, 2008

Me No Like Ike

No real updates to post. But I wanted to share a picture of Henry.


We decided we needed some fresh air. So after we finished our showers, we actually went for a drive. It was interesting to drive around and see how many people boarded up, how many taped their windows, what was still opened and what had closed up already for the duration. Most everything was closed. We found one grocery store open, as wells as Wendy's, McDonald's, the liquor store, and Old Hickory BBQ. We opted to pick up dinner from Old Hickory since we hadn't even given a thought to dinner. And I think a little of hurricane mentality slipped in..we weren't ready to dip into our stash yet. We might need it later.

He's watching Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. He's never seen it before and I had it sitting around from Netflix.

I can hear the wind howling outside. The trees are swaying, and the tropical storm force winds aren't even here yet. An so the fun begins...

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  1. The Neumanns9/12/08, 7:11 PM

    Good luck...we're thinking of you guys..stay safe!