Sunday, September 21, 2008

The week in review

Yes, I know, I've been very bad about blogging this week. I finally feel like is getting back to normal after IKE. However, I have to remind myself that there are still almost 1 million people in the Houston area that still don't have power. And there are people just down the road from me that have lost everything.

Even though we had power, we decided that we learned or were reminded how to return to nature a bit. So on both Wednesday and Thursday, we built a fire in the chiminea in the back yard and enjoyed our evening out there. Henry enjoyed playing in the backyard as it got dark. Leslie and I enjoyed sipping wine. After it got dark, Henry got a flashlight and started hunting for frogs. On Thursday, we even decided to have a picnic in the backyard for dinner. Poor Leslie is dealing with a 2 hour commute home each evening because all of the traffic lights are still out.

I've enjoyed Nada's company for a few days this week. Since we had power and internet, she came and worked from here for a few days. Working from home can be so lonely, so it was nice having a 'co-worker' for a couple of days.

We went to the grocery store to restock the fridge over the weekend. The newest shortage to hit Houston: baking soda. After checking two grocery stores, not a single box of baking soda could be found. Wow, and we thought we were the only ones that had the bright idea of replacing it while we were throwing everything else away.

Henry is entering a new phase at the meetings. After writing and drawing for a few minutes, he pulled his bible out of his book bag. He insisted that he wanted to follow along every time a scripture was announced. So after I turn to the scripture in my bible, I now have to help him find it in his bible. I love seeing this interest from him, but am looking forward to him improving his reading skills so he can start looking them up himself. His limited reading skills is helping him with his comments though. On Sunday, he chose to read a subheading. After telling him 1 time what it said, he just "read" it over and over again to himself. When the time came, I told him to raise his hand. When the microphone came, he took it and very clearly "read" the subheading into the microphone with no hesitation and no need of a reminder from me about what his answer was. He insists on commenting at least one time for each meeting. He has very strict guidelines, though. I can't be too hard, too easy, or too long.

Sunday, we were sorting through his costume bin and I ran across one of his pirate costumes. I had him try it on to see if it still fit. It did, and then of course, he refused to take it off. Even when we ran out for dessert, he insisted on wearing it (and was just too cute!). When we got home, he begged to wear it to bed, and pushover that I am....why not?

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