Sunday, November 7, 2004

Another update to Aunt Leslie

Good Sunday evening to you, from Late Monday morning from Me!

Henry is napping now so I thought I would check my emails. He is doing so well. I wish I felt better. I did pretty good yesterday, ate a granola bar for breakfast and had some soup for lunch. But I just couldn't deal with dinner. And then I went to bed with Henry.

I think part of my problem is nerves. So I am taking some stomach stuff today that my Mom gave me and I am going to try and have a shot of vodka later tonight to help calm my nerves a little. I am so worried about taking care of Henry and doing everything right for him. Hopefully, it will settle down in a day or two and I will feel back to myself. I also think that the weather here is making my sinuses act up. I am taking half dosages of cold medicine, and while it helps my stomach, it doesn't do too much for my head!

Henry enjoys going for a walk, but then he didn't want to take an afternoon nap yesterday. I tried to get him to go down, but he just played and played and would never go to sleep. So finally, I got him up and we played some more. My mom had gone to check her email and I needed to go to the bathroom, so I put him in the crib for a few minutes and he fell promptly asleep (at 5 p.m.!) I was freaked out, because certainly he couldn't sleep through the night going to bed that early. And we hadn't had dinner yet. Well, fortunately, he only slept for about 45 minutes, but he sure was cranky when he got up. But I had the opportunity to get him ready for bed and give him his bottle. I put him back down about 7 and he played quietly in his crib for about 30 minutes and then finally went to sleep and slept until 7 this morning. So we are working on his naps today. I am not going to let him sleep so long in the morning and then I am going to try and get him down earlier in the afternoon. I may take a few days to make this adjustment for him, so we'll see.

He loves to sleep with his legs outside the crib. I've taken pictures because he is so cute, but then I tuck them up in the crib because I don't want them to lose feeling. When he is going to sleep, he is all over the crib, rolling around and playing with his feet on the side, but once he falls asleep, he doesn't move. It scare me sometimes and I have to check if he is still breathing!

Okay, well I better get back upstairs and check on him and my mom and see what they are up to. If he isn't up yet, I will need to wake him in a few minutes. I hate to do it because he is cranky when you wake him up, but he needs to nap in the afternoon, too.

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