Sunday, November 14, 2004

An email update to Miss Anne

Just a quick note for you to let you know how we are doing. It feels like we have been here forever and we are now counting down until we get to come home (11/20).

As you saw from my other email, I got to pick Henry up right after court on 11/4. It all becomes official on Tuesday. We should have a busy week finalizing the paperwork and then we need to do some paperwork with the US Consul to get his passport and visa all lined up. A courier will take it all to the US Embassy in Moscow for us. She arrives back on Saturday morning, and we leave out on Saturday afternoon -- arriving back in Houston on Saturday evening. I am sure by the end of it, Saturday will feel like the longest day in my life!!!

Henry and I are adjusting so well to each other. In the beginning, he was totally a Mama's boy and did not want anything to do with grandma. It took him a good 4-5 days before he warmed up to her and allowed her to hold him and snuggle with him. So I guess that just goes to show that he did remember me from my previous visit. He is a sponge and seems to learn new things every day. Of course, some of the old tricks fall off for a while to make room for the new ones, but I am sure they will re-surface again (like saying uh-oh).

It is hard being cooped up here day in and day out. My coordinator has been kind enough to make sure we have what we need and take us to the market or baby store when needed. She has also taken us to lunch several days. It is hard to try and coordinate these activities between nap times - something I never had to consider before. I cannot imagine having done this trip without my mother. She has been so helpful in playing with and distracting Henry when I need to prepare his bottle or meals. Also, there have been times when I think she knew I just needed a few minutes for myself. And then we also trade off when it is naptime so we can check our emails.

Hope things are going well there for you and the boys. Can't wait to call when I get home so we can catch up on everything!! I miss our chats.

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