Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Our first visit on Trip #2

Our visit with Henry was wonderful. I don't think he remembered me at first, he cried really hard when they first brought him to me. But I started reading to him and the sound of my voice calmed him down and then I think he remembered who I was. My mom was amazed at the transformation of him from when he first came until it was time to go. At first, he was withdrawn and unhappy and wouldn't smile. By the time we left, he was giggling non-stop. So having him with me full-time will make such a difference. When they came to get him, he actually cried because he didn't want to leave me. Then my mom started crying. Oh boy!

Irina really doesn't think we can get immediate release, but she is going to make one last attempt by calling the judge tonight. The American Consul is on vacation and the substitute is giving her a hard time about taking care of it. She is hoping maybe the judge will be sympathetic and give us release so we don't have to worry about it.

Court will be at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. Irina says we will go straight to the baby home after that and get the children. Yippee! We went to the baby store today and I got more food and diapers for him. So we should be all set.

I don't think he grew very much during the last month. He looked pretty much the same and the outfit he had on was 3-6 months. I think it must have been mis-sized because he is certainly bigger than that. I guess we will see how is clothes fit him.

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