Sunday, November 14, 2004

A request for help from Aunt Cor-Cor

Hey Girlie Girl. Sorry I couldn't make your Mary Kay party, but I heard it was a blast....

Okay, tell me please what the secret to mixing bottles is. I cannot make Henry a bottle that we don't get to the bottom of and there are clumps and clumps of baby formula. It is maddening. It doesn't seem to matter whether I mix it in hot or cold water, or how hard I shake, I just can't seem to get it to mix. Of course, maybe it is the cheapy Russian formula that is to blame and not my mixing skills.

Also, what is a typical day like for Jack as far as what he eats? Henry starts the morning with a 6 oz bottle. This is followed by about 1/2 cup of cereal about an hour later. For lunch, he can easily down a jar of baby food, as well as a piece of bread (without the crust) and 4 crackers. For dinner, he usually will polish off two jars of baby food, as well as a piece of bread. Besides this, he snacks all day long! He gets another 4 oz bottle before bedtime. And then the next day, he gets up and eats it all again!

He knows the corner of the room where we keep his snacks, so he is all day long pointing over there and demanding "Dah!" (Dah means everything to him.) Then he will open his mouth and say 'ahhhh' while pointing to it to show me it's empty and needs some snacks. How funny is that???

Anyway, I really hope I am not overfeeding him, although I didn't think that was possible. And I am almost certain that my pediatrician said to let him eat as much as he wanted in the beginning. It hasn't started squirting out his ears yet, and he usually only has one BM a day, so I am guessing this is okay.

Anyway, we can't wait to get home so Henry can play with his buddy Jack. I can't wait until their first photos together. Jack will be the tall skinny one, and Henry will be the short fat one. (He isn't really fat at all, but he is solid for his size.)

And the wonderful response I received:

You didn't miss much at the MK party? We missed you though.

You are doing the formula perfect. Warm the water and then mix in the formula. Worked for me. Possibly could be the formula.

Jack eats a full bottle of 5 oz whole milk watered down with 4 or so ozs of water. I top off the bottle and then immediately a jar of baby food mixed wiht a heaping tablespoon of cereal. Nothing again til lunch. Then at lunch another full bottle of the same mixture of milk and water, and as many jars of baby food as he will eat. But usually only 2 mixed with cereal again. For snack just cheerios or veggie puffs. As many as he wants. Usually about 15-20. He is offered a water sippie cup all day and usually drinks 5-8 ozs thru out the day. He eats bits and pieces of my lunch. Not much, though. He will eat mash potoates, bake pototoe, mac and cheese, french fries (Can you tell he is definately my child) Not much meat. I offer whatever I eat. He will eat rice as well. Then at supper another bottle and maybe two jars of baby food/cereal. Then I usually give him a small lite yogurt. He always has room for that. Oh yeah he will hash browns from Whataburger and McD's. So all toll 3, 8-9 oz bottle and 5 jars of stage 2 babyfood. Just started stage 3 and has yet to finish one at a meal. He actually eats very little in comparison to others. And I ask alot. His ped said anywhere from 7-10 jars was normal. That seemed a little much to me. But what do I know.

O.k. Keep in touch. I am NOT mad that I didn't get a picture. I will wait for the real thing!! I love you so.

Aunt Courtney and cousin Jack and Uncle John

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