Thursday, November 11, 2004

Thursday Evening / Thursday Morning

Another email update to Aunt Leslie:

Greetings! It is about 9 p.m. here and the little man just fell asleep a few minutes ago. He was a wild one today. He was playing so hard after dinner that I had to put him in the stroller and take him for a walk just to calm him down. He was practically running to all of the areas in the room that he knows that I don't like him to play in so that I would chase him. If I did follow him, he would giggle and giggle. He thought he was just so funny. But when he gets like that, he starts throwing himself around and I was afraid he was going to crack his head open on something. So, off for a walk and he calmed down some. But he did not want to go to sleep tonight. Finally, clutching his stuffed monkey, he wandered off to sleepy time's house!

He has become such a little power-hungry man! When I was feeding him dinner tonight, I was feeding him a meat combo and a vegetable. Well, he decided he would only eat if I was holding the jar he wanted me to hold. So if I was holding the combo, he would point to the veggies and say 'Dah!'. If I didn't switch and pick up the veggies, he would keep his mouth closed. So then I would switch and he'd take a few bites, and then 'Dah!', he wanted the combo again. Too funny! He has really started teasing mommy and thinks he is just got me wrapped around his finger (which he does).

I know it doesn't really work for you, but the best time to call us is first thing in the morning. We are almost always up by 7 a.m. and in the room until 9. Then we may step out for a little walk before our morning nap. Even if you called during his nap, he usually sleeps well and we have the tv on (when it is working!) and it doesn't bother him.

Irina is probably going to pick us up around 11:30 tomorrow, too. I don't know what we will do tomorrow, but we passed a Baskin Robbins today and suggested a stop there would be most welcomed. So we shall see.

My appetite is so-so. I eat every meal, so don't worry that I am undernourished or on the brink of dehydration. I just can't eat very much yet. I am excited that maybe by the time I get home I will have lost 10 pounds. Won't that be a nice little side-effect. I should have brought some of my Ramen soup -- that would have tasted good on several occasions. At least my stomach no longer knots up every time Henry cries. I am getting used to him and even when he gets really worked up, I am just focused on calming and comforting him. He really is uncomfortable when he gets a gas bubble and screams bloody murder.

He looks at the little photo album that I had made for him all of the time. I put it in the crib when he goes to bed, and it comforts and calms him and many times he falls asleep looking at it. So I am hoping that he will come home feeling like he already knows you.

So yes, they changed our tickets to the same flights on 11/20. We find out tomorrow for sure when our consulate appointment it. We go on Tuesday next week to finalize all of our paperwork for the adoption (the 10-day wait is up). Then we have to have a doctor's appointment for the consulate, and meet with the consulate, and then 'Big Anya' will take our stuff to Moscow, and then we will come home. So next week may be a little busier than this week (which would be good to help the time pass by).

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