Sunday, November 7, 2004

Another update to Titi

The time difference between Russia and home is 16 hours (Russia is 16 hours ahead of you). So, if you call in the late afternoon or evening, it will be morning here (4 p.m. your time is 8 a.m. here).

Amazingly, we are staying pretty busy. When Henry is awake, we play and play. We went for a walk yesterday, which he enjoyed, but then he didn't take an afternoon nap. So we will have to do that differently today. He sleeps through the night with no problems. He goes down at about 8 and sleeps until 7 or 7:30 each morning. Sometimes he whimpers a little during the night, but I get up and pat him in the back and he goes right back to sleep. He loves mealtimes and will even eat the things that he doesn't like very much, like his morning cereal. His bottle in the morning and before bed is his favorite and he cries when it is empty.

We are taking lots of pictures and I will email some to you when we are home. It seems like we have been here forever and it will be forever before we get to go home. But I am sure the time will pass quickly enough.

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