Saturday, November 13, 2004

Bleeny - yum, yum

Another email update to Aunt Leslie:

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Sorry for the minor interruption, Henry wanted to say hello.

Henry doesn't seem to mind being around people so much, as long as there is distance. He loves looking at new things. When we got out of the car at the aquarium, he was looking everywhere at everything and pointing and saying 'Dah!'. I think on the inside, you have to get so close to the glass to see what is in each tank, that is what unnerved him. It was too close. So as long as people don't all crowd him and get in his face, I think he will be fascinated to meet new people.

I can't wait to hear all of the other little things that have gone one while I've been gone. It is so weird to think that by the time I get home, I will have spent most of the month of November in Russia. Who would ever have thought that would happen.

Something seems to be going on at the hotel. I told you the English cable channels quit working. Well, for a while yesterday, we had no water. It really didn't impact us because it was at a time where we didn't really need water. But it seems that the water heater or something is out. It also seemed like the heating system was out for a while. Nothing ever to the point of causing discomfort (other than the tv!). But we sure are counting down -- the last Sunday we will be in Russia.

It is cold outside, so we will not have any major outings today. The sun is out, so we are contemplating a small walk after our afternoon nap. We shall see.

We have discovered Bleeny on the menu. They are like crepes and are served with jam. I finally feel like myself when I am eating them. Yum yum. Tonight, we will have left over spaghetti from last night. It will be good - at least it was last night.

Okay, gotta run. Henry is getting antsy and I think they are done cleaning our room.

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