Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Wednesday morning / Tuesday night

Another email update to Aunt Leslie:

Hope you a pleasant dinner with Ashley. Hope you had a margarita for me! That sounds good right about now (okay, maybe not now at 10 a.m., but maybe tonight with dinner it would be good).

I am feeling better and better each day. My appetite is not great, but I am eating something for every meal, so that is an improvement over a few days ago. My energy level is good and we actually stayed up until 10 last night. We were so proud of ourselves. That is the latest we have managed. It helped because we slept until about 5 this morning. We wake up early and then go back to sleep.

Henry is an excellent sleeper, when he finally falls asleep. At night, he likes to play in his crib so long I think he is never going to fall asleep. I look forward to when we are home and he can be alone in his room because I think that will help him calm down. This morning, he woke up early (6:50) so I put him down a little earlier for his morning nap. He was a little cranky, which is unusual for him, and he was sleeping within 10 minutes, which is also unusual for him. He usually plays for about 30 minutes. He fell asleep with his head on his picture album and his arms clutching a stuffed monkey that my mom's friend sent for him. He loves the monkey very much.

Irina is going to pick us up at 11 today to take us out. It looks kind of dreary and cold out, so I am not sure what we will do. We are going to drop some laundry off (should get us through the rest of the trip) and go to the ticket office to change our tickets. Irina is supposed to call and confirm our appointment at the embassy today so we should know with certainty when we can come home, although she has consistently told us that it would be 11/20. I can drop you an email later after we have officially changed the tickets, because I know you are anxious to get your invitations out and know for sure when you will get to meet Henry.

We have done good at getting into a good routine (although we may mess that up today with our outing). You are not going to believe what a happy baby he is. He just smiles and giggles so much of the time.

I have gotten much more comfortable with his crying. My stomach no longer clenches and I no longer feel the need to keep him from crying. If he doesn't want to change his diaper, well, too bad, it's ucky and needs to be changed, so he may need to cry a few tears. He's come to accept the end of his bottle a little better. He has slowed down in his eating as he gets more comfortable that there will always be more for him on a regular basis.

He has warmed up some with my mom today, too. He was actually snuggling with her while I was getting ready this morning. So I know that he will warm up to you and love you dearly, too. I put him in his little carrier thing today and walked around. He seemed to fit in it fine and not mind it -- I was a sweaty, piggy mess though. So we will see what use it has on the travel home.

I put him in his green frog outfit today. He is so very adorable in it, but it just fits him. So he will not get to wear it for long. He likes the way it feels and it looks cute with his little bobux sheep shoes.

I can't think what else to tell you now, except that I miss you. My trip is half over (yeah). It seems like I have been here forever and will be here forever, but I know the time will pass and Henry and I will always treasure this time that we had to get to know each other, even tho we missed Aunt Leslie.

Give my little girls and snuggle and pet from me. I miss them, too, and wonder constantly what they are going to think of my Henry and he of them. I am sure they will get along just fine and become fast friends.

Oh, did I tell you that Henry can point to his nose? He loves to show you where his nose is, and where your nose his. We are working on ears now, but it is slow going. Every day is something new...

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