Saturday, November 6, 2004

Update to Aunt Leslie

Henry is such a happy baby, he really is. He woke up when Nada called this morning, but he just sat up in his crib and started smiling at me. My mom came out of the bathroom and started talking to him and he just started giggling. He will be sitting playing contentedly by himself, and then look up and see me watching him. He just breaks into a big grin and many times will come across the room to hug and snuggle with me.

He is a little sponge and is just soaking everything up. The first day, he was saying uh-oh, except when he says it, it is more like uh-ah. He absolutely loves his stacking cups and can stay entertained stacking and unstacking them forever. He loves putting things in them, too, so I am glad that I brought him some smaller cups.

He loves to let me read to him, but I can tell that he wasn't used to this at all. When he first got the book, he really didn't know how to open it or look at each page. We read brown bear over and over again, making the animal noises for each page. He anticipates the last page that has the goldfish on it because I make the goldfish face and he loves to stick his finger in my mouth, just like Sara did. And then I kiss him and he tries to make kissing noises back. He is close to being able to throw kisses and will do it if Irina tells him in Russian. He does wave hello and goodbye, pretty much on demand.

I am feeling a little better. I took half of a dosage of cold medicine because I think that my sinuses were draining into my tummy and that was causing me not to be hungry. I do feel better and my stomach is actually growling now, so I am going to have some soup for lunch. I also think that it is a bit of nerves, like, 'oh my god, I am responsible for this little boy' and whether or not I am doing the right things to care for him. I am certainly learning from my mistakes.

He is a very good eater. I am thinking that he is allergic to milk since he would get very congested when I gave him his bottle. So I switched to the soy formula and it seems to be better. He absolutely loves his morning and bedtime bottles, but cries when they are sad. I've learned to distract him right away and he gets over it pretty quickly.

I think his problems with baths is not necessarily the water - he hates the bathroom. I took him in one yesterday to change his diaper and I think he about had a meltdown in there. So we are trying to get him to go into the bathroom little by little to see that there is nothing to be afraid of in there. We put his little frog thing in there and pushed the button to make music and he almost crawled in there to get it. Just stopped at the doorway and looked at it and then gave a little speech to it in babytalk, probably telling it to come out of that scary place. I gave him a 'sponge' bath this morning and he really loved that...just layed there and let me wipe him down and put lotion on him. I thought he was going to go back to sleep.

Well, I could go on and on, and I am looking forward to getting to talk to you in a little bit. We will be going down for lunch at about noon, and then should be back up in the room this afternoon for naptime. He seems to sleep through whatever noise pretty well, so don't hesitate to call. It helps to hear from home.

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