Thursday, October 16, 2008

An "awwwww" moment

This morning, I let Henry sleep late. We had our dentist appointments set for this morning so we were being a little slower-paced getting ready.

While I sat and put my makeup on, he decided he was going to get a jump start on packing for our trip this weekend. He dragged a suitcase out to the middle of the floor and claimed it as his. Then he ran off to his room to start gathering things to put in it.

He came back with the first armload of things to pack, which included: Precious, his stuffed dog, his bible, and his "Young People Ask" book from the convention this summer. How can you not say "awwwww" to that?

Next, he decided to get some jammies and undies. He decided he wanted the kind "where I don't see my feet". Since the temps in Kansas City will range from the 40s to the 60s, this seemed appropriate (think footed blanket sleeper). He also brought back his boxer shorts with palm trees on them and made them dance for me.

Finally, he asked if he could bring some cars. I told him he could only bring a couple. Off he dashed back to his room to pick the cars he would bring. He came back announcing he had "three groups" that he wanted to bring, and indeed he did. He had a "group" clutched in each hand, and another "group" tucked in the nook of his elbow.

At this point, we moved downstairs and he headed off to pick his brekkie. He came out of the pantry with the box of oatmeal and the request that I tell him which flavors we had. After he selected the one he wanted, he decided our supply of oatmeal was low and needed to be added to the grocery list. He got the list off the fridge along with a pen, and asked for assistance in spelling "oatmeal". After he was done adding it to the list, I took a peek expecting it to be scrawled across the available space. Instead, I found oatmeal written neatly on a single line, right under one of the other items that was already on the list.

We had a great visit at the dentist, who was quite surprised that my little guy had already lost his first two teeth and predicted that his 6-year molars will probably erupt in the spring. So we have that to look forward to.


  1. It's very impressive that he packed his Bible and YPA book first thing. That's a little man with his priorities strait!


  2. definitely an awww series of moments. I hope my kids is that cute when he's 5.