Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friends and the Children's Symphony

So this week, there seems to be some growth in the area of friends. For the first time, a little kid in the neighborhood rang the doorbell to ask if Henry could come out and play with him. Since I don't allow Henry to play in the front yard unsupervised, I invited Ethan to play with Henry in the backyard.

Also, at the meeting on Thursday, Aisa (a little girl born on the same day as Henry) asked if she could sit with Henry. (She had actually asked on Sunday..or Henry had asked her...I'm not sure who did the actual asking...but anyway, Aisa was not permitted to sit with a friend on Sunday due to some prior infraction, but promised to sit with Henry on Thursday.) After the moms conferred, it was determined that it would be best if Aisa sat with us since her mom had a talk and her dad was conducting the front school. So Aisa sat with Henry for the entire meeting...the first time we've had a friend sit with us at the meeting (other than Jack).

Ethan has been back a few more times. He stopped by as we were getting ready for the meeting on Thursday. As Leslie explained that Henry couldn't come out to play because we were going to "church", he was incredulous: "Now, but it's almost night time?"

And today, Henry became an official Junior Patron of the Children's Symphony. What does this mean? It means he got a "free" t-shirt and will have his name in the remaining three programs of the series. We also became members, so we'll be in attendance for the rest of the performances.

Today's performance was titled "Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham". The first song was the theme from Looney Tunes. I think the parents appreciated that more than the kids. Second, was a song that they use in Little Einstein's "The Good Knight and The Bad Knight". Henry recognized it immediately. The third song was The Barber of Seville. The conductor did a great job of involving the children and seeing that there were two "characters" in the song and demonstrating the sounds of each and then setting up what would happen in the song. And finally, was the feature song "Green Eggs and Ham". For this, there was a young boy and a soprano singer who actually sang and acted out the story. It was quite interesting to hear "I do NOT like green eggs and ham, Sam I am" sung in opera style. The important thing was that Henry enjoyed it.

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