Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ready for the Meeting

While I was getting myself ready for the meeting, Henry was hibernating in his room working on a project. Soon, he emerged from his room with a "picture" that he had made for me. He then decided he needed to find the perfect place to hang it up so that I would be able to see it. So he wedged it into the cracks of my headboard.

Here is him with the picture:


If you will look, you will see all the letters that are used to spell his name. He doesn't quite have the concept of writing them in a single line yet. And, he's been working on the letter "R", and that is why there is an extra one. The other highlights of the drawing is the heart he drew especially for me; and the flower...a new item in his drawing repertoire.

And here is a shot of him styling with more of his new "wardrobe". He loved the race car (as I knew he would and why I made the shopkeeper dig in the back room to find it).


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