Sunday, October 5, 2008

So much to say... little time.

Okay, I really do have a lot to blog about (and pictures), but I'm not going to do it tonight. Tonight, I thought I would share just a few highlights of the weekend and a few funny things my boy said.

First, he let me pull his second loose tooth on Friday night. It was hanging by a thread and I used the concept of "let's surprise Aunt Leslie" to talk him into letting me pull it. I was afraid he was going to swallow it. If he had, I wasn't going to try and recover it. So for right now, I have two teeth in a Russian baby food jar on the top of the refrigerator. We have dentist appointments in a few weeks so I'll be curious to see what Dr. Joe has to say.

We watched a couple of WNBA Finals games this weekend. In his usual style, Henry decided to root for the team that was winning. In this case, Detroit won (they actually swept the series). They played against San Antonio. When we made him pick a team without letting him know who was winning, he started out rooting for San Antonio. Then he got confused and started rooting for You Nork (Go You Nork! Go You Nork!) When I reminded him that "You Nork" wasn't playing, then he decided to root for Destroit (Go Destroit! Go Destroit). In the end, Destroit was a good nickname for them since that's what they did to San Antonio.

And one last funny for today (more to come tomorrow, I promise). We went to the grocery store today. We were using the separate and conquer method, where Leslie would go off in search of a couple of things and I would go off in search of a couple of things, and then we'd meet back up. Henry kind of floated back and forth between who he accompanied. At one point, he was with me and then he saw Leslie. Since I didn't see Leslie, I didn't know where he had wandered off to. So that earned him a lecture about walking away from me (or whoever he is with) while in the store. And this, in turn, led to me sharing the story of how that very thing almost led to a lockdown of the local shopping mall. I told him how Aubrey had followed me to the bathroom one day while we were at the mall. I had assumed that she had informed her parents where we she was going. Not so! They had no idea where she had disappeared to and were about to contact Mall Security when we showed up. I explained to Henry how upsetting this was to everyone involved. His response to all of this: "Next time I see Aubrey, she and I are going to have a little chit-chat." So Aubrey, consider yourself warned!

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