Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Seven Things

My online buddy Andy from Today's the Day has tagged me to share 7 interesting facts about myself. I'm a little late, but here we go:

The rules are:
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My seven tidbits are:

  1. I have moved 18 times since the first time I moved out of my parents' home. Three of those times were moving back home. As an average, that means I move every 1.3 years. However, many of those moves were in my "younger" days as I've lived at my current address for almost 6 years.
  2. Even though I fly regularly for work, and have for years, I get severe motion sickness from air travel. I buy the generic brand of dramamine in bulk quantities and have used it so regularly over the years that it no longer makes me drowsy.
  3. I wrote an autobiography in junior high school (now known as Middle School). In the section about my future, I wrote that I wanted to move away from Illinois and work with computers. Pretty insightful, huh? (I also stated that if I couldn't work with computers, I wanted to work with children. I felt like I had really fulfilled my childhood dreams when I worked at the local children's hospital supporting my department's computer system here in Texas.)
  4. I got the rare opportunity to see the Queen while vacationing in Scotland. We stopped in a small village outside Balmoral and learned that the Queen and Prince Phillip were going to do a "walk about" that afternoon. We lined up along with all the locals to get a look-see.
  5. If the first picture I had seen of Henry had depicted a child with dark hair, he would have been named Fraser instead of Henry. If he had been a girl, he might have been named Ava Belle.
  6. My favorite fruit pie is cherry, however it gives me horrible indigestion.
  7. My favorite color is cobalt blue. It is the color that I painted my bedroom walls, and it is my favorite color to use for pedicures. The only thing better than cobalt, is cobalt with bright yellow accents.

I'm tagging the following 3 great bloggers! (Sorry, I couldn't come up with 7)

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