Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Who knew we'd have a fireman theme for the day?

So today is "National Night Out". We got a postcard from our neighborhood association that they were having a little event by the pool, including a visit from the local fire and police departments.

After enjoying a nice dinner with Papa (Margarita London Broil...thanks LKH), we set off to check things out. When we first arrived, there were no fireman or policeman in sight. There was, however, a bouncy. So after enjoying a good bounce, we were getting ready to head home. Alas, the firetruck and the police motorcycle arrived.

Thanks to Leslie's suggestion, he was still attired in his fireman outfit from this morning. That was a big hit with the crowd. But the minute the fireman laid eyes on him, he asked if he could take a picture of him. So we traded favors. I was also so proud of him. He walked up to the policeman, waited until he had his attention, and told him "Thank you for keeping us safe." He also was willing to sit on the motorcycle. Here are a few pictures of Henry enjoying the emergency vehicles.



  1. I got choked up reading this blog. What he said to the police officer was so sweet. Did he think of that on his own? I hope Allen is as sweet as him.

    Miss you horribly. Hope you and Henry can visit soon (and Leslie too, maybe).


  2. Very cool that the fireman wanted a photo of Henry! Bet that ends up on the wall (or fridge) at the station.

    And what a brain fart I had. Margarita London Broil is MY recipe. Oh yeah...I'm LKH. Took me a moment to figure out my own moniker.

    Miss you all,

  3. Leggy..I did prompt Henry on what to say to the police officer. I figure if I can model and prompt him with the correct behavior that it will become second nature to him.