Friday, October 24, 2008

Field Trip - Dewberry Farm

Yep, that's right. Henry had his first field trip of the year and I was able to take the day off and join the class. We went to Dewberry Farm, just northeast of town.

It was interesting watching the inner workings of trying to get approximately 75 3-6 year olds onto two buses. Parents were not permitted to ride the buses, so there was quite a caravan of minivans following along behind.

Some of the fun things we got to do was visit the barn (where Henry picked out one of the baby chickens as himself -- "Mommy, I'm that spotted chicken over there"); duck races (which involved pumping water into chutes to float the duckie to the trough at the end); a hayride; and playing in the playground.

Below are a few pictures commemorating the day. Here is a picture of him on the bus...he can hardly see out the window and he was NOT happy that he didn't get to sit by the window. Sometimes sharing is hard for little boys.


I thought he looked too cute in his little Levi's.


Here is Henry taking his turn at the Duck Races. He was a bit disappointed that he didn't win, but to his credit, he maintained a good demeanor and even cheered on his buddies as it came their turn.


Here he is watching the rest of the duck races take place.


A few years ago, we missed the first field trip to Dewberry Farms, so we had gone on our own. Here is a picture from then:


And one I tried to stage to be similar this time around:


In the end, a good time was had by all.

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