Monday, October 6, 2008

More pictures of the new room

Well, it's still not 100%, but it is so very close.

His desk chair is scheduled to arrive this week. Leslie located an re-upholsterer and we dropped off the cushion for the window seat over the weekend. It should also be ready this week. And I also want to get some festive lights to hang around the trophy shelf. The style of this room is very grown up, even though I totally believe it fits Henry. The lights will "young it up" a bit for him and can easily be removed or replaced when appropriate.

Leslie re-covered the little foot stool that Henry uses to get up on his high bed and I re-covered the message board to match both the foot stool and window seat.

And let me apologize ahead of time. For some reason, my photos aren't the best quality. Some are even a little blurry. But regardless, I think you'll get the idea.

Here is a picture of the world landmarks photos that Dena provided. They looked best hung at the head of the bed. We worked his new lantern into it. He feels very grown up to get to go to bed with the light on and turn it off himself when he is ready to settle down.


This is a Pinocchio puppet that Nada brought home for Henry from Italy. We hung it from the trophy shelf to give it a place of prominence.


Okay, this area was my little brainchild...thanks to an article in the magazine Family Fun about displaying your child's artwork. There is none of Henry's artwork in it yet as we are still on the hunt for the clips we need to hang inside the frames. But hopefully, you can get an idea of what it will be someday soon.


And finally, I found these at Hobby Lobby and they seemed to work with the room. They are hanging on the wall over by his desk.


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  1. Very nice! Want to redo my room? I'll make you dinner.