Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I learned a naughty word today...

I will try and recreate the conversation Henry and I had in the car on the way home from school today:

Henry: Mommy, I learned a new word and it is naughty. It is spelled B....T....U....T.
Mommy: What is that word?
Henry: I'm not allowed to say it. It's a naughty word.
Mommy: What does it mean?
Henry: I'm not allowed to say it.
Mommy: Can you show me what it is, or use another word to tell me what it is?
Henry: No, it's a naughty word, Mommy. We should never say it.
Mommy: What is the word again?
Henry: I can't say it, Mommy. It's a bad word.
Mommy: Can you spell it for me again?
Henry: I think it is B....U....U....T
Mommy: How did you learn this naughty word?
Henry: Isaiah told me.
Mommy: Does Isaiah use that word?
Henry: Well, he's in first grade, so he says it. But his mommy doesn't like it.
Mommy: And what is the word again?
Henry: Mommy, it's a bad word and we will break Jehovah's rules if we say it.
Mommy: Tell me one more time how it is spelled?
Henry: It is B....U....T, but we can't say the word. Never. We can never say the word.

After we get home and get out of the van:
Henry: Okay, Mommy, I'll show you what the bad word is. (points to his bottom)
Mommy: No way! Isaiah said that naughty word?
Henry: I know. But Mommy, we are never going to say that naughty word.

I think there was a little more back and forth and several more times that he emphasized that we could never say such a naughty word. I knew what word he was talking about from his first attempt at spelling it (which I was actually proud that he sorta knew how to spell a word). But I enjoyed the entire conversation that we had back and forth to see his how his mind was working.

We had just discussed "curse" words and "swear" words on our ride home yesterday. We talked about how some families said those words in their family, but that we did not. I also think it was a bit eye-opening for him when I told him that when I was a little girl, my grandparents swore all of the time. His eyes were wide as he wanted to know what I did about it.


  1. Very cool that he recognized that particular word as bad and that he knew he (and you) should never use it. And good for him for spelling it.


  2. Ahhh the innocence! If only I could get Liam back to that stage!

    ps: I've tagged you to share 7 things about yourself! You can check out my 7 things here.